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Here is what 'Buddy Training' consists of, a one hour session where 75% of the session time is spent completing exercises together as a team and 25% will be 1 vs 1, who doesn't love a challenge!


Having a buddy can keep you...

  • Motivated

  • Focused

  • Supported

  • Keeps you accountable - consistency is key or will impact results!

  • Both less likely to quit

  • Spend time together, but you'll also work out way harder than if you were going through the motions solo. You will train harder.

  • Take you beyond your comfort zone and produce greater results

  • It’s fun

  • Undeniable bond that you made it through it together.

  • Teamwork makes dream work


Dont worry if…

  • You may be of at different fitness level to your partner, I’ll make sure to train within your own limits and focus on quality repetitions over quantity.


You can purchase blocks of 8 x 1 hour sessions which offers a big discount from one off costs.


I have just completed 6 sessions with Jenn doing buddy training with a friend, and I can't say enough how amazing these sessions have been. Jenn is superb, her support has really helped me realise what I am capable of doing. She has pushed me in every session and I have only seen great results.


I was very apprehensive before I started but after one session I realised that I have made the right decision and haven't looked back since. Buddy sessions are excellent as they are fun and a great way of pushing yourself and your friend to achieve results and our own personal goals. Jenn makes the sessions different each time so you simply can’t get bored. She tries to be flexible and can arrange to train at home if that is something we wanted.


Jenn not only listens to what I want to achieve but adapts these sessions to make it suitable to my ability. She is always available for any advice or concerns and emails me with additional support I may need. I would highly recommend her as a PT as not only is he very good at what she does, she is also a lovely person. 


Thank you Jenn for constantly pushing me and helping me believe in myself. I certainly feel so much more healthier and energetic and hope to continue. You rock! 


Just finished my first set of buddy training. I feel great and my mindset is clear on my goals.

My buddy training have been fun and motivating. Jenn has worked hard with us and understands our needs. She has varied and increased the levels of exercise every week so that it's not boring. She encourages us to go the extra mile and has been supportive with advise on exercises at home and also diet. I thoroughly enjoyed every session and would recommend Jenn to friends and family.

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