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"Jenn is fantastic! She has made me enjoy working out which I NEVER thought would happen! She has helped me on my way to my body goals and massively helped with my confidence! She also adds a personal experience and remembers what I do and dont like doing! Would highly recommend!"

Colan Simeons - 121 PT

"I went to see Jenn for help with rehabilitating a shoulder injury. When planning Jenn puts time and effort into creating a challenging session to achieve the goals. Not only has my shoulder strength and mobility improved I am fitter than any time in the last 15 years."

"Jenn is truly a trainer who changes lives. She is knowledgeable and is very good in finding right approach to her clients. It is a rare gem to meet a professional who is increadible at what she does and loves it! She is always buzzing with energy and it is definitely rubbed off on me too. I found Jenn when I was feeling very bad about my fitness level and expected another disappointment (oh how wrong I was!!). I hated every exercise I did in the past. It was always just too boring and painful. But with Jenn's guidance I am now genuinely excited for next session as I know it will be fun, different and I will feel great after! If you looking for amazing PT, this is the one."

Andrea Matthews - Buddy Training

"I have been seeing Jenn since October, having joint sessions with my friend who is getting married in Florida in April, so we both want to look our best for the wedding. Jenn is so friendly and easy to get on with which makes every workout fun. She really pushes us week on week and is a great motivator. We can definitely tell we’ve worked hard every week. She Is fantastic at breaking down each exercise to make it manageable, so you end up doing more than you thought you could. I feel so much fitter and healthier since going to Jenn and always feel great after sessions. I’d recommend her to everyone!"

Sarah Courbet - 121 PT

"Blown away by how much I am LOVING my sessions with Jenn. She is awesome! I work harder than I have ever done, we have such good fun (through the sweat and tears) and I always feel 100% better than when I arrived. I love that Jenn listened to what I wanted and she ensures that EVERY workout is different and pushes me to my, safe, limits. She is incredibly knowledge about injuries and will adapt accordingly. The gym is such a great place to be - all the trainers are awesome (obviously Jenn is the best) and along with their clients we all have fun. She is also an amazingly caring person as well - she is very mindful and sensitive to the challenges we all face in life. I can't recommend Jenn more highly. If I could afford to I would train with her every day of the week - although she is always there if you need her in between sessions :-). Whatever your goals Jenn will help you get there."

Laura Mallon - Boxing PT

"Not only is Jen an absolutely amazing coach/PT she Gives 100% to me in every session but also genuinely cares about you as a client! Not just physically with training but makes sure you have the right mentality to stay focused! It's not just the hour you pay for, she will be in touch throughout the week to make sure you are sticking to your plan and also if you have any problems or need help she is only a phone call away! 10000% recommended!! Keep up your amazing work Jen!"

Gemma Simeons - 121 PT

Alison Ratchford - 121 PT

"Fantastic personal trainer! One who really cares about getting results for her clients. She is full of positive energy and no two sessions are the same. She knows how to get the best out of me and I have never felt better. Just booked another 10 sessions. Definitely recommend."

Kim Cluelow - 121 PT

"Jenn is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer. She is highly motivated to get good results. She gets to know you personally so that she can get the very best results"

Jade Carter - 121 PT

"I can not recommend Jennifer enough!! She is an outstanding PT who goes to all lengths to help you achieve your goals. The first time I met Jen we clicked straight away and I felt very comfortable. Tailored sessions are enjoyable, having been designed to push you whilst taking into consideration injuries or weaknesses. Sessions are based in a relaxing environment, without the pressures of a normal gym. Jen not only helps you get physically stronger but changes your mindset, allowing you to think more positive and improving self esteem. I have noticed an amazing change in myself in only 6 sessions and I honestly couldn’t have done it without her. I will continue to have sessions with Jen but sadly not as frequently as I would like due to relocating. This is how highly I think of her support and talent as a PT I am willing to travel over an hour to see her! "

Jenn is just amazing! Having just had my second baby at 39, I had gained nearly 2 stones and was feeling miserable. As I turned 40, I realised that something needed to be done.

Working with Jenn is an incredible journey; over 8 months I have lost in excess of 1 ½ stones, gained muscle, found a love of exercise, and rediscovered my self-respect. The best part is, that I haven’t sacrificed myself to a puritanical lifestyle, I’ve just made gradual, realistic changes.

Jenn’s sessions are great fun. They’re always different and creative and she knows exactly how to challenge you. Her enthusiasm, positivity and encouragement are inspiring and she genuinely cares about your goals and achievements.

Last week, at the age of 40, I wore a bikini on the beach for the first time ever. I’ll happily admit that I’m extremely proud of myself, but I couldn’t have achieved any of it without Jenn.

Richard Gallon - 121 PT

"Jenn is the perfect type of trainer where she knows your limitations and motivates you to push past them, blowing up your own preconceived notions of what you can and can’t do. Her warm persona and belief drives you to achieve things you thought you could never do and makes you want to keep coming back. By the end of a session you’ll think you can’t recover but you always do and you’re spurred on to do better each and every time."

May Rix - 121 PT

"I’ve only had 5 sessions with Jenn so far but 1 was enough for me to realise how great they are! She is so easy to get on with, so motivational and encouraging and makes every session better than the last. She goes the extra mile to keep in touch each week, messaging me after each session and seeing how my home excercises are coming along which gives me that little extra boost! After having my daughter via c-section last year, I was keen to get back into shape but worried about hurting myself but Jenn made a program that worked perfectly for me and has given me the confidence I needed to get back into the gym. I’ve enjoyed my sessions so much I’m about to book another 5 and can’t wait to get back to it! I couldn’t recommend Jenn highly enough!"

Kate Miller - 121 PT

"I've been one of Jenn's clients for a few months now and throughout she has been amazing! She has listened to what I wanted to achieve and she has been a massive support. She adapted our sessions to suit my goals and ability and has pushed me throughout. Not only is she supportive whilst in the session she has also been a huge support outside. She's always available for a 'pep talk' on days when my confidence has been low and she has truly believed in me and my ability. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants a PT, not only because she's extremely good at what she does, but because she's also a lovely person!!"

Raj - Buddy Training

Seb Harvey - 121 PT

"Been using Jenn for the last couple of months to help lose weight, increase stamina and build strength. In that time she has helped me lose 8% body weight though a tailored programme of workouts and dietary advice. She’s extremely motivating and focused on helping you achieve you your goals. Each session flies by and as she makes it not only tough but extremely fun and rewarding.
Fitness has improved and I’m starting to notice the benefits. I’ve renewed for another series of sessions and I highly recommend Jenn if you’re thinking about using a PT."

Emma Pragnell - 121 PT

"Just finished 10 sessions with Jenn and it's safe to say she's amazing. I've been trying to slim down in time for my wedding in May and not only do I now feel great in my dress but my confidence has grown in my abilities at the gym and in the way I look. 

Every session is different and she encourages you throughout every exercise. Not only that, but she's always available for advice on what to eat and exercises to do at home. I've loved every session. Thanks so much Jenn. "

Tim Kenneally - 121 PT

"I had been thinking about improving my fitness and losing some weight for a couple of months following the birth of my daughter, when by chance one evening I came across a promotional Facebook video featuring Jenn. An initial consultation followed, along with a comprehensive email giving me advice etc on how I could achieve my goals. I knew immediately that Jenn was the trainer for me and I’m pleased to say we’ve worked together ever since. 

Jenn really is superb, supporting and pushing me in and out of our sessions.. she has a fantastic depth of knowledge, is a lovely person and makes our sessions thoroughly enjoyable. The net result is I’ve achieved more than I thought was possible and feel happier, healthier and more energetic. I’ve developed new skills, taken up new sports and exceeded my own expectations, all thanks to Jenn. 

I’m just so pleased that I watched that Facebook video and I wouldn’t be where I am now without that initial push. To anyone looking for a PT, look no further as I honestly can’t recommend Jenn highly enough. Here’s to the next round of sessions "

Pamela Morton - 121 PT

"I started going to see Jenn at the beginning of 2017 with the hope to reignite my passion for exercise, particularly running. By doing something I had never done before, boxing (and in a ring too!) helped my confidence so so so much! Jenn is so patient and explains everything really clearly. She always makes sure we warm up and cool down after a jam packed session! My love for running is well and truly back and I have Jenn to thank for this - cheers Jenn!!"

"I have just completed 6 sessions with Jenn doing buddy training with a friend, and I can't say enough how amazing these sessions have been. Jenn is superb, her support has really helped me realise what I am capable of doing. She has pushed me in every session and I have only seen great results.


I was very apprehensive before I started but after one session I realised that I have made the right decision and haven't looked back since. Buddy sessions are excellent as they are fun and a great way of pushing yourself and your friend to achieve results and our own personal goals. Jenn makes the sessions different each time so you simply can’t get bored. She tries to be flexible and can arrange to train at home if that is something we wanted.


Jenn not only listens to what I want to achieve but adapts these sessions to make it suitable to my ability. She is always available for any advice or concerns and emails me with additional support I may need. I would highly recommend her as a PT as not only is he very good at what she does, she is also a lovely person. 


Thank you Jenn for constantly pushing me and helping me believe in myself. I certainly feel so much more healthier and energetic and hope to continue. You rock! "

Joanna Hindle - 121 PT

"I decided to book a PT to lose some body fat and get more confident lifting weights in the gym, I came across Jenn and booked in for 10 sessions which I’ve just completed! 

The sessions were brilliant and even outside of the sessions Jenn’s always there to offer loads of support. She definitely knows her stuff and has not only shown me exercises, she’s also educated me a lot on a healthier lifestyle. As well as providing huge encouragement, the sessions are always fun, we have a laugh, but I’m also challenged to do more than I thought possible in such a short space of time! 

My progression and confidence has grown massively over the 10 sessions. I’m really happy with the results I’ve got from going to Jenn and would definitely recommend her! Can’t wait to get booked in for some more!!"

Adrian - 121 PT

"Jenn is a brilliant trainer ,lots of patience and explains things to you,such as diet healthy eating . Also gives you lots of encouragement along the way,and a good laugh. Will be booking some more sessions soon. Thanks Jenn."

Kate Thornhill - 121 PT

"I have just finished a block of 10 sessions with Jenn with the aim of building muscle, toning up and to feel confident before my wedding! Jenn has been fantastic throughout, teaching me new exercises and building my confidence with different machines. She has also helped me overcome my fear of certain exercises due to an existing shoulder injury. Everything is unique to you and she is always on hand to answer any queries or support you through any wobbles (and I’ve had a few!). She doesn’t make you feel bad if you’ve had a bad week and just helps you get right back on track! I’ve definitely taken away confidence to keep up with my training and more insight into the huge benefits of good nutrition! Couldn’t recommend her enough if you’re looking for a PT!"

Rebecca Brewster - Boxing 121

"Jenn is a fantastic PT who goes above and beyond to help you reach your goals. Your self belief and confidence will increase with every session you complete and that’s down to Jenn’s passion in wanting to help get you on the path of leading a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally. I always look forward to my training sessions with Jenn because I know how good I’ll feel after, plus you’ll have a great laugh too!"

Sarah Merrett - PT 121

"Jenn is an absolute star. She is knowledgeable and knows how to get the best from you. She advises on what foods are best to eat, how many calories and how much water you need to drink. Jenn is also an amazing coach. You always get a message from her After the session with feedback on how well you did or what you need to improve or keep up. Since working with jenn my mental health and my body shape has improved greatly. Can’t recommend Jenn enough, she is down to earth and makes you feel at ease from day 1. Thank you Jenn"

Georgia Oakes - Boxing PT

"Jenn is a brilliant personal trainer, she is dedicated and focuses on individual goals of the client. No session is the same and she makes sessions fun and enjoyable. We focused on boxing training and over the time I worked with Jenn she continually pushed me and ensured that I was nailing my technique! 

I would definitely recommend Jenn as a personal trainer, especially for those who want to learn boxing or improve their skills!!

You can learn a lot from Jenn 🥊"

Naz - Buddy Training

"Just finished my first set of buddy training. I feel great and my mindset is clear on my goals.

My buddy training sessions have been fun and motivating. Jenn has worked hard with us and understands our needs. She has varied and increased the levels of exercise every week so that it's not boring. She encourages us to go the extra mile and has been supportive with advise on exercises at home and also diet. I thoroughly enjoyed every session and would recommend Jenn to friends and family. Thank you"

Toby Selwyn - 121 PT

"I've just finished a block of five sessions with Jenn, and she's an amazing PT - she immediately understood my goals and limitations, and came up with workouts that have massively boosted my confidence and made me feel much more positive about exercising. Looking forward to continuing working with her!"

Lena Pall - Self Defence

"Just had a Boxing Taster Session with Jenn. I wasn’t sure if it’d be for me as I’m a total novice but I absolutely loved it! Jenn’s a fab tutor and v encouraging! Highly recommended!!"

Klaudia Poganyova - 121 PT

"Just finished a block of 10 sessions and Jen is absolutely an amazing PT!!! I have seen progression within myself after each session. Jen will support you no matter what. I have achieved more than expected and thats all thanks to Jen! Bring on next block of 10 sessions! 🔥👊🏻"

Charlotte Eastham - 121 PT

"I’ve been having 1-2-1 pt sessions with Jenn since July, and would 100% recommend! I always enjoy my sessions which are tailored to my goals. Jenn is always on hand for advice when I need it and I can access all of my previous sessions to use at the gym which has been a massive help!"

Shannon McMonagle - 121 PT

"Amazing personal trainer with tons of enthusiasm in each and every session. Jen really cares about all of her clients, any concerns you have between sessions she is there at the drop of a WhatsApp! Couldn't recommend her more!"

Emily Rogers- 121 PT

"Jenn is super friendly and totally motivational! She really tailored all the sessions we had to me; she pushed me hard and showed me how strong I really am! Definitely would recommend :)"

Will Bowes - PT 121

"I have been going to see Jen now for a few months and I am so happy with the results. I have lost a lot of weight and put on muscle at the same time. Jen has pushed me incredibly hard and has given me the information to go home and carry on with my exercise plan. Every session is different and she has helped me identify my areas for improvement and pushed me to become stronger and more confident in what I do. I have booked another 5 sessions so looking forward to getting back to it and pushing myself even further with the help of Jen"



"Fantastic knowledge base in all round fitness and boxing with a great personality. Very encouraging and supportive. Well worth it."


"Great team member & more enthusiastic than most PTs I know!"


"Jen is a Kick Ass Coach worth every penny. Redditch Selfdefence Association."

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