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On Friday 20th March LoneWolfPT was forced to adapt to the Governments lockdown of gyms which at the time came as a shock. We knew it would happen but didn't expect the lockdown to be so quick. JB|PT made the decision that evening to give all clients the option to move immediately onto online training or virtual training. I am so pleased to say that now, Wednesday 13th May, that a lot of my clients were able to stay onboard and have adapted amazingly to the 'new' methods of training. There has been lots of innovation to create ways for resistance training including, rucksacks filled with household items, use of towels, cans, broomsticks and cloths to name a few. Some clients also had the benefit of having equipment at home which has been beneficial for their workouts at home.

I wanted to say a personal thank you to all of the LoneWolf team as they have shown dedication to their fitness and health whilst in lockdown. Even clients who have postponed till we get back into the gym have kept me updated with their step counts and workouts that they have been doing themselves. By staying active it will mean that they aren't starting from scratch when we get back, currently aiming for 4th July (not confirmed), dependant on if the 1-5 government scale changes.

Please see below testimonials from my client base giving you honest feedback of my service provided. 

Jean Hardcastle (Age 72) - WhatsApp Virtual Training - 1 PT a week

"When the lockdown came into force on 23 March the first thought that came to my mind was “pants how am I going to do my PT because of the distancing regulation”?


Jennifer came up trump for me and said we can do it via the mobile, was I delighted.  So I started with this new way of doing my exercises and I am enjoying it, only missed one session due to family bereavement as my mind was all over the place.  Anyhow I re-started the next week and believe me it was difficult and that’s ONLY MISSING ONE WEEK!!  


What this lockdown has taught me, and I thought I know everything at my advanced age, is that one has to continue with doing our exercises.  So what I do is to have PT with Jennifer weekly plus doing brisk walking up and down slopes and steps, because Jennifer told me it’s good for my thighs and calves.


So what lockdown?  I am enjoying myself and am more determined to keep fit with my PT.


Thank you Jennifer for your encouragement, your jolly and happy attitude but most importantly in making me look after my body.


Virtual hugs and kisses to you."

Charlotte Eastham - 1 PT a week - WhatsApp Virtual Training 

"Since lockdown started I’ve been having a WhatsApp session once a week in place of my normal session with Jenn in the gym, which has really helped my keep me motivated and focused on my goals (and helped me keep my sanity whist we’re all stuck at home!)

I don’t have much in the way of equipment at home but Jenn’s full of creative ideas and enthusiasm as always, and has given me loads of suggestions to make the most out of what I have available.

Being at home hasn’t stopped Jenn from putting me through my paces and I’ve enjoyed every session - Thanks for continuing to be a fab PT!!"

Nina Gill - 2 PTs a week - WhatsApp Virtual Training 

"Jenn thank you for a brilliant session on Monday. Having sessions on WhatsApp are great they really do keep me on track mentally and physically don’t think people give it enough credit especially in our present environment. I am loving our 121 in or out of the gym thank you. You are a true inspiration and brilliant PT and I love the way you make every session a pleasure thank you god bless and stay safe"

Danielle Thomas - 2 PTs a week - WhatsApp Virtual Training 

"Initially, the thought of doing a virtual pt really put me off as I hate FaceTiming and video calls I find them very awkward at the best of times! I thought I would give it a try and if I didn’t like it I could always call it a day and I did really wanted to carry on my fitness regime as always enjoy my sessions. Jen really put me at ease, we have a good laugh as we always do, making the most out of what I have around the house to exercise with, it really is an excellent way to do things and I look forward to my sessions every week, it’s the 1 thing that keeps me sane during quarantine. Anything is possible if you really want to achieve your goals and Jen has helped me find new ways to get round these struggles that everyone has come across recently. She really is an excellent problem solver and has reminded me you can get through anything once you put your mind to it! Thank you Jen!"

Kate Freeman - 1 PT a week - WhatsApp Virtual Training 

"Like anything we’ve had to do since lock down we’ve had to adapt to these times very quickly! Jen was quick off the mark to come up with virtual PT’s at first I thought how’s this going to work...but it’s worked really well! With limited equipment at home Jen’s come up with some great alternatives to keep sessions mixed and new exercises each week. Can’t thank’s defiantly helped both mentally & physically over the last 7/8 weeks....I’ve lost track of how long it’s been since I’ve been in the gym but can’t wait to get back in :)"

Alison Ellis - 2 PT's a week - WhatsApp Virtual Training 

"Ever since we were put on lockdown and I could no longer go to the gym to have my 121 sessions with Jenn I have been having my sessions over WhatsApp video call. I was rather skeptical to start training virtually as I do not live alone and don’t have a whole lot of space but I was shocked to find with Jenn’s enthusiasm and changes to exercises to accommodate my space I have been able to enjoy my workouts. I am so glad I decided to carry on my sessions while on this difficult time as I feel it has not only helped keep me on track with my strength training but also help keep my mental health in check. I’m so grateful for all the support Jenn continues to give to myself and all her other clients. As much as I am enjoying the virtual sessions, I am very much looking forward to us being back in the gym and seeing everyone again. Thank you for all your support, knowledge and mini therapy sessions, Jenn."

Rebecca Bugler - 2 PT's a week broke into 4 x 30min sessions - WhatsApp Virtual Training 

"When lockdown was enforced upon us, I was healing from an operation and instantly thought well that’s my fitness programme scrapped, it was going to be hard to start training again as it was after 6 weeks off, but with lockdown it would be impossible. How wrong was I?!! I have to say I am the most determined I have ever been to get fitter/stronger and it’s down to Jenn. If it wasn’t for her positivity, her commitment, her belief in me or the offer of virtual PTs I very much doubt those DB’s would have been picked up again for a very long time! Every session I am pushed harder, I am taught new moves and tips, I’m educated and we always ALWAYS laugh. Jenn is a true inspiration at hitting your goals and I would never go anywhere else for PT"

Richard Gallon - 2 PT a week - Online Programming

"In the uncertainty where you can’t go out your own house, Jenn has adapted to make your sessions work within the confines of your own home, making a note of what you have around the house and using it to your advantage. Even stuck at home, she makes sure you get the same level of workout!"



"Fantastic knowledge base in all round fitness and boxing with a great personality. Very encouraging and supportive. Well worth it."


"Great team member & more enthusiastic than most PTs I know!"


"Jen is a Kick Ass Coach worth every penny. Redditch Selfdefence Association."

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